CopperCodes is a Software Development company where we have a dedicated team of software designers & developers to not only make computer software that meets the user requirements but also make them user-friendly & easy to use. We understand the need for software to your organization & work accordingly to make the software look, feel & work better. After software development, we test this s/w to give the users a defect-free experience. Here we create customised s/w as per the user’s convenience.




Python is a widely used high-level programming language for general-purpose programming. It has vast support and most new technologies are designed using Python. All the general purpose softwares can be developed with Python and we master this language.


Amazing web-scraping tools can be programmed using Python.

Image Processing

Python has huge support for image processing, and all the latest image processing s/ws are mostly designed using Python as it has a huge library base which helps in development.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the future of computer programming and many applications of Artificial Intelligence are developed in accordance to Python, such as Google’s Tensorflow which has a wide range of applications ie. image recognition, object detection, signal processing etc.



Java is one of the most widely adopted programming languages, used by some 9 million developers and running on 7 billion devices worldwide. It also has a vast cross platform support and has best memory management techniques and we are equally good at it.

Pc Applications

Java has cross platform support and applications developed in java can be easily ported to linux, Mac and Windows.Due to huge library base applications develped in Java are robust and appealing.