28 January 2019

Top 8 On-Page SEO Mistakes People Make


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the prequiste for any website to appear on the top position of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).Very Often the SEO person focus on making more number of backlinks and unfortunately overlooks the on-page optimization phase. Before going to the off-page optimization you have to perfectly do the on-page analysis & optimization.

Most of the time people make the following mistakes while doing on-page SEO:

1. Duplicate Content

This is a standout amongst the most imperative parts of Black Hat Technical Report. There is a very high chance that your site will get a negative SEO score if there is any duplicate content present on your website.

Designers nor the content writer's recognize what affect duplicate content has on the SEO score. It is the seo company in tirunelveli individual's obligation to check whether the content on each page differs from each other. If there is any duplicate content they need to advise the content writer's to bring about the required changes.



2. Long Meta Title & Meta Description

Meta title and meta description are critical from the web crawler result pages point of view. It appears on the SERPs for the important keywords.

Numerous times, the SEO individual commits an error in composing too short or too long meta tags. At whatever point you are composing a meta tag, attempt to cover the base impediment and do not surpass the limit as far as possible.

For a title tag, the character check ought to be not more than 70 characters.

For a discription tag, the character check ought to be between 120 to 170 characters. We have likewise seen that a considerable lot of the site engineers do include description meta tag or seo services in madurai don't have a special description meta tag for each page. We ought to have a description tag for each page. Google has announced as of late that they will demonstrate description tag with 320 characters in SEPRs.



3. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing is considered as a black hat technique which will result in a penalty. Keyword Stuffing is considered as a dark cap procedure which will bring about a punishment. According to Google rules, keyword density ought not to be over 2% - 5%. We suggest, not to cross 1% of keyword density.


4. Non Usage Of LSI Keywords

We should attempt to incorporate more Latent Semantic Indexing(LSI) keywords. It implies, keywords that are identical to your primary keyword. For instance, we should attempt to incorporate 4 to 5 LSI keywords for 600 words.


5. Missing Robots.txt File

Quite a number of websites have Robots.txt directory missing. Robots.txt directory restricts google from crawling any of your internal pages.


6. Using Heavy Images

Utilization of heavy images on-site, impacts the page speed and page loading time which will then influence the SEO score. Try to compress your image without compromising on its clarity so that they can load faster.



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7. Ignoring Mobile Friendly Site

These days individuals use mobile more frequently than they use their PCs. In a day 60% of individuals make use of mobile phones to open any of their intended websites. Consequently, we should ensure that our site is a mobile-friendly website.


8. Bad URL Structure

Individuals frequently disregard the URL structure having an impression that it doesn't influence anything. Terrible URL structure affects the seo company in chennai score. Make an effort not to utilize space in a URL. Lastly, make sure you use your primary keyword in your URL & see to it that your subpages also reflect in your URL.